On Vacay (Magnetic)
On Vacay (Magnetic)
On Vacay (Magnetic)


On Vacay (Magnetic)

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Benefits & Why You'll Love It:

Clustered lash style is sultry and sexy in a subtle way.  Also with flared shape and wispy ends, this style will make your eyes look elongated like cat eyes. Natural-looking and beautiful by itself or you can dress it up with mascara for a mid-glam look for your most special occasion. This cat eye style goes well with all eye shapes and will look great for any event. 

Key Features:

  • Soft + flexible magnetic strip in a thin cotton band for long comfortable wear.
  • Patent pending design: strategically placed magnetic anchors on a magnetic band for re-enforcement to prevent lifting and act as a lash guide.  
  • Premium quality vegan Air Silk. 
  • Ultra-lightweight, feels like natural hair.
  • Holds shape even after getting wet.
  • Up to 60 uses with proper care. 
  • Handcrafted.
  • Cruelty-free.

        Additional Details:

         Soft Volume, Flared Shape with Wispy Ends
        Korean Silk
        7mm(inner), 12mm(center), 14mm(outer)
        Pre-trimmed 30mm

         *Pair with our magnetic eyeliner to complete the look. Magnetic eyeliner sold separately.