Straight Fire Starter Set - (Magnetic)
Straight Fire Starter Set - (Magnetic)
Straight Fire Starter Set - (Magnetic)
Straight Fire Starter Set - (Magnetic)

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Straight Fire Starter Set - (Magnetic)

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Benefits & Why You'll Love It:

 *Starter Set comes with a mini magnetic eyeliner for you to complete the look. 

This lash style is so hot, the name says it all, Straight Fire!  Full of volume and round in shape, this lash style will make your lashes looking fuller, giving the bold and dramatic effect you're looking for. This high profile lash style commands attention no matter what setting you’re in. This style goes well with round, almond, and deep set eyes. 

Key Features:

  • Soft + flexible magnetic strip in a thin cotton band for long comfortable wear.
  • Patent pending design: strategically placed magnet anchors on a magnetic band for re-enforcement to prevent lifting and act as a lash guide.  
  • Premium quality vegan Air Silk. 
  • Ultra-lightweight, feels like natural hair.
  • Holds shape even after getting wet.
  • Up to 60 uses with proper care. 
  • Handcrafted.
  • Cruelty-free.

      Additional Details:

      Full Volume, Round Shape with Dimensional Curls
      Korean Silk
      14mm(inner), 17mm(center), 15mm(outer)
      Pre-trimmed 33mm