B'Airie Beauty (be•airy) was born from the concept that magnetic lashes should be light + airy similar to non-magnetic lashes.

Our founder Kate, a long-time lash lover, like many others was struggling to apply false lashes using glue application. When magnetic lashes came out, she was super excited to try them on but only to be disappointed with how clearly visible and heavy the magnetic blocks were on her eyes.

Striving for a better design that did not exist in the market yet, Kate created a never-before-seen 3-in-1 magnetic lash design with a seamless band that held anti-lift properties.

With her entrepreneurial spirit, she turned a personal solution into an opportunity. Kate has decided to bring the beauty space the best magnetic lashes that are airy luxuryaccessible, and high quality for all price points for everyone.

Being a busy mom and working full-time at her engineering career, she knew it would be near impossible to take on the task alone.  She brought on her brother Albert, an IT professional, to help with research and anything IT related.  Albert also brought on his wife Jackie, to help with beauty product research and development.

They quickly saw Kate's vision of offering intentional solutions to all lash lovers: the lightest, most versatile and comfortable magnetic lashes ever created!

It quickly became a family affair, bringing on family members from all professional backgrounds and skillsets to join the team. Collaboratively giving birth to B'Airie Beauty.