The team behind the scene supporting you every step of the way on your beauty journey:

Kate - CEO & Co-Founder

Leads her team in the development of new beauty products to help bridge the beauty industry gaps.

Nuo - President

He facilities the company's long-term goals and assist with the day-to-day operation.  

Jackie - Marketing Director & Co-Founder

Has keen eyes for beauty and design, Jackie takes the lead on R&D and marketing.

Albert - CTO 

With IT background experience, Albert brings in the latest technology and software to help the team design unique and beautiful content, a luxury for a start-up brand.

Nick and Tiffany - Operations Team

Manages the daily operations and logistics to ensure your products arrive on time, every time.  

Johnny and Marygrace - PR & Social Media Team 

Provides beautiful, relevant, and informative creative content on our social media. Also organizes our in-person events such as beauty cons and street fairs.