Determine your eye shape and the lash style that will best compliment your eye shape, enhancing your beauty and confidence every single time. 

1. You might have almond eye shape if:
  • You have a visible eye crease.
  • Half of your iris is hidden by the top and bottom eyelids.
  • Your eye shape tapers to a point, looking like an "almond".

Almond eyes are strikingly beautiful on their own so most lash styles will compliment this eye shape well.  However, the style that best compliments this eye shape is a lash style with full volume. 

2. You might have round eye shape if:
  • Your eyes are usually large and more circular.
  • The cornea of your eyes is surrounded by the white areas of your eyes.
  • The inner and outer corners of your eyes are not pulled inward or outward like almond.

Same with almond eyes, most lash styles will go well with round eyes but the style that best compliments this eye shape is curly and long with multi-layers. 3-dimensionals lashes will look stunning on round eyes!

3. You might have hooded eye shape if:
  • Your have heavy brow bone with a deep-set crease.
  • Your eyelid isn't generally visible and retracts into the crease.
  • Your eyelid space has diminished over time, taking on a hooded appearance.

Hooded eye shape is easy to identify but choosing lashes for hooded can be a bit tricky.  You can enhance hooded eyes by picking lashes with longer length in center to help open up the eyes.  Also lashes with volume and flared shape will give the illusions of bigger eyes.  

4. You might have monolid eye shape if:
  • You have a less apparent crease.
  • Your eyes do not reveal much of the eyelid.
  • Your eyelid is shallow, also known as "smooth eyelid".

Lash styles that will go well with monolid eyes are volume around the edge with multi-layers. 3-dimensionals lashes with length and flare will help create the eye opening look this complex eye shape!

5. You might have protruding eye shape if:
  • Your eyes project outward.
  • Your eyes are large and round.
  • A slight line beneath your eye.

Protruding eyes tend to overshadow other features on the face so short and elegant lash styles is best for this eye shape. 

6. You might have upturned eye shape if:
  • Your eyes tilt upward with eye-lift appearance.
  • Your eyes have outer corners that turn upward and are higher than the inner corner.
  • Also know as the "cat eye".

Upturned eyes can rock any lash styles but style that best compliments this eye shape are cat-eyes and long in the center. 

7. You might have downturned eye shape if:
  • Your outer corners are lower than your inner corner.
  • Your upper lid dips to meet the lower lash line.
  • Another name is "descending eyelid".

Same as upturned eyes, downturned eyes go well with cat-eye shape and long in the center lash styles. 

8. You might have deep-set eye shape if:
  • Your eyes are set into the skull. 
  • Your brow bone look more prominent.
  • Your brow bone overshadow your eyes and lids.

Eyes that are set deep into the eye socket will require long curly lashes and bodily structure so the lashes are noticeable. Full volume, 3-dimensional style best compliments deep set eye shape.