Perhaps you’ve heard about magnetic lashes and how they are making it easier than ever to take your lashes to new lengths. In recent years, more and more glam addicts are getting on board with this new innovation, and for good reason. Magnetic lashes make a great affordable alternative to professional lash extensions, requiring less time and investment to keep up with while still looking fabulous.

If you’ve been considering making the switch, you’re going to want to know about B’Airie, a new beauty brand and industry innovator. So, just what is it that makes B’Airie the best? Here’s what you need to know:

Why B’Airie? Five Key Brand Benefits to Know About and Love
  • B’Airie Benefit #1 - Super Lightweight Wear

If you’ve tried other magnetic lash brands, we don’t have to tell you that they’re not the most comfortable. That’s because the typical technology behind magnetics relies on as many as a dozen individual magnet blocks and separate anchors to achieve the effect. As you might imagine, this can quickly become very heavy for your delicate eye area.

To fix this common problem, we've developed our own soft and seamless band, with anti-lift technology that locks lashes in place, while still being comfy enough for all-day, everyday wear.

  • B’Airie Benefit #2 - Budget-Friendly Beauty

Because we all deserve beautiful, luxe lashes, we wanted to create a solution that was attainable and accessible for all. Compared to professional lash lifts or extensions, (which can cost upwards of $200), magnetic lashes provide similar results at a fraction of the price.

Plus, with a price point of just $25, our lashes are even more affordable than most magnetic brands. Even better news? Our magnetic lashes can be used for up to 60 uses with proper care, making them not only reasonably-priced, but sustainable and extra long-lasting.

  • B’Airie Benefit #3 - Easiest Ever Application

Tired of struggling with getting your lashes on just right? We have taken care of that too. We are all about keeping things quick and efficient while still pulling off a flawless finish.

With this in mind, we’ve created pre-trimmed strips with built-in guidemarks, making it a breeze to fit just about every eye shape and apply in under a minute! Whether you prefer a natural look or like to turn heads with something more dramatic, we have something for everyone.

  • B’Airie Benefit #4 - Made From Materials You Can Trust

When it comes to choosing products for the eye area, we wanted to ensure that our lashes are the safest on the market and completely cruelty-free without sacrificing a high-end look and feel.

While many strip or magnetic lashes use mink fibers to mimic the look of natural lashes, our products are completely vegan and use only the highest quality plant-based silk imported from Korea. The difference is durable, lightweight lashes that feel feathery soft and appear magically voluminous.

  • B’Airie Benefit #5 - Support Every Step of The Way

Last but not least, perhaps one of the coolest things about B’Airie is our commitment to our customers. We are a brand that is passionate about connecting with consumers and keeping them educated. Providing helpful tips and step-by-step tutorials, we’re a brand that truly cares about each customer’s experience.

Whether you’re new to magnetic lashes or a pro who has tried every trend, you will love the way we goes above and beyond, with outstanding service and an attention to every detail.